Amy winehouse dating pete doherty who from mcfly is dating one of the saturday

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Die Beziehung zu der Britin war ziemlich turbulent, aber Doherty ist froh, dass sich nun alles entspannt hat: "Vor zwei Wochen bekam ich einen Anruf von , was schon eine große Überraschung war, denn seit unserer Trennung hatten wir kein Wort mehr miteinander gesprochen. Aber sie war sehr freundlich und fragte mich, was ich so mache.

Former Libertines star Pete Doherty said not being invited to Amy Winehouse's funeral meant he "never had the chance to see through" his grief for the dead singer.

He told the NME that Winehouse, who died last July, "would have wanted me at the funeral".

They reunited in 2010 for a series of gigs but have since gone their separate ways, with Doherty now living in Paris.

Who Amy Winehouse dated; list of Amy Winehouse loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.

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