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The Left Bank is known for the neighborhoods or arrondissements preferred by artists.In the 1920’s many famous writers and artists such as Ernest Hemmingway and Pablo Picasso made the Left Bank their home.Initially, the Left Bank was more affordable, which is why many artists chose this side of the Seine River, which can be seen on live camera here.It is now still known for being a haven for artists.

Voir la webcam Perchée sur la tour solaire de l'observatoire de Meudon (altitude 200m), cette caméra offre une vue dégagée sur la ville de Paris en direction du nord-est.Some boats include multiple living rooms, a fireplace, and even studio apartments.Living on a houseboat allows you to explore the main river as well as the many canals.Boucle vidéo d'une minute tournée toutes les heures.Voir la webcam Live cam située sur l'hôtel « The Westin Paris », rue de Castiglione, offrant un panorama large sur la capitale.

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