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There is also the Drag Queen contest, known throughout the world as one of Carnaval's most spectacular and magnificent.

Body painting is becoming a noteworthy Palmas Carnival tradition, and there has been a wild BODY MAKE-UP competition since the year 2000.

"Julio Caro Baroja, the father of Spanish Carnival studies, scorned the antiquarian notion that the masked figures and seasonal inversions of Carnival were "a mere survival" of ancient pagan rituals.

Carnival, he argued, was first nurtured by the dualistic oppositions of Christianity.

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The Carnaval de Aguilas was declared of National Tourist Interest in 1997.During all the celebration, the "shells" are broken on the people's heads.They are made by filling up empty egg rinds with confetti.For more than a century, the town has celebrated the days before the beginning of Lent.Up to 250,000 visitors from Germany, Britain, Catalonia and the rest of Europe converge, ready to party and be amazed by each other's good-time spirits.

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