Chris and emily dating

(...) Fact that he wants everyone to be happy, he's a people pleaser, and I can definitely attest to being, y'know, THAT guy.

I'm always the friend that wants everybody to be happy, and wants everybody to be taken care of, and that's definitely Matt.

Before Matt talks to Ashley, she sees Mike and Emily hugging through a telescope.

If Ashley allows him to look, he becomes furious with both Mike and Emily.

Regardless of whether Matt agrees or rejects her decision, she will send him away.

Matt starts to travel up to the lodge but decides to scare Ashley when he sees her looking through a telescope.

If she doesn't, Matt will remain calm and collected.

Matt carries the bags into the lodge's living room to find Mike and Jessica walking in.

Matt is helping Emily carry her bags to the lodge when Mike jumps out at them.

If he saw Mike with Emily, he can either fight Mike or tell him that he saw him and Emily through the telescope.

Mike will tell Matt that they were just talking and Matt can either back down or challenge him further.

Matt is first seen standing next to Ashley after Jessica, Emily, and Mike finish their argument with Sam.

The five head upstairs to the guest room, where Matt hides in a wardrobe with a camera to film Hannah during their prank.

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