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My FREE gift to you will assist you in taking control of your dating life by educating you on the top 7 behaviors that sabotage your dating efforts.Christmas is coming up fast and you’ve been stressing about what to get your kinda boyfriend-ish person as a gift.You don’t want to scare someone off and you do not want to make them feel bad if they didn’t do as much for you as you did for them.

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With the seasonal change many singles will find their hearts warmed by the care and affection of a new special someone.

It’s not your almost-relationship you’re celebrating, it’s the goddamn holiday season!

He’s not even going to like the ornament, per se, but will find it generally sweet that you’re THAT excited about Christmas. But seriously, you’re not giving him these gifts to show how much you care about him—you’re doing it cause giving just feels so good and you guys are probably in that early phase of having constant sex anyway, so why not get into the holiday spirit and give him a gift that will be fun for the both of you?

As you get to know your date think of Christmas or holiday gift ideas for them based on what they share.

This gets your creative juices flowing and forces you to keep your eyes and ears open on dates.

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