Dating dutchman

In 1958 Otto and Thekla’s son Robert and wife Joan took over.

Once lifted, the Dutchman’s building will be moved to the on-site temporary holding area.Formerly the parking lot, the temporary holding area has been prepared to house the building while it undergoes total renovation.“In our next phase, the existing 1912 pilings under the building, docking structures, and bulkheads will be removed by Butterick Bulkhead from Manahawkin, and Marwood Contracting of Harvey Cedars,” explains Schmid.Farces and joke books were in demand and many Dutch painters chose to paint humorous paintings, Jan Steen being a good example.The main subjects of Dutch jokes at the time were deranged households, drunken clerics (mostly of the Roman Catholic Church) and people with mental and/or physical handicaps.

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