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He built a new factory in Yorkshire only 15 kilometres from the original factory in Batley, Yorkshire and still working with the original suppliers, making FANE's speakers chassis in Sheffield and the same British manufactured cones from the original Hiwatt speakers of the 70s.

The result is the original tone from this fantastic era of British music legend.

They equipped their cabinets with FANE and with it the signature to iconic British tone.

Once Pink Floyd, The Who, Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues were linked to Hiwatt, they established and grew Fanes reputation at the same time.

Faithful to the original blueprints and manufactured in exactly the same way as the original FANE speakers 40 years ago, a music legend is re-born!

The new FANE Guitar Speaker Factory in Wakefield UK Fast forward to the modern era and a new generation of guitarists are selecting FANE equipped Hiwatt for their unique tone.

Hiwatt, Jennings, Sound City, WEM, VOX and Laney were just some of the well known brands that equipped their cabs with Fane and with them the signature to iconic British tone.

Players worldwide pay continued homage to those classic sounds.

Laney A classic 60s spring reverb and not one we see very often.

The evolution of digital reverb left springs in the doghouse for many years - players and engineers were only too happy to be rid of the noisy and imperfect mechanical reverbs of the past.

Springs were confined to recreating the sound of classic dub reggae and surf guitar.

Barnes tracked down and hired some of the original employees that had been there in the 1970's and had worked with him until the 1980s.

The lady that winds the voice coils is the same person that was making them 30 years ago which is one way to get the fabulous original FANE sound!

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