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With its 1997 release in India it stirred up a heated controversy throughout the country.In 2004 The Journey (2004 film) Malayalam feature film written, directed and produced by Ligy J.and in ancient India it was referred to as Trithiya prakirthi Khush-list, the first mailing list for LGBT South Asians, predominantly Indians in metropolitan cities and those living abroad, was established in 1993.In 1999, LGBT-India was established on egroups, and later transitioned to yahoogroups.There are several instances in ancient Indian epic poetry of same sex depictions and unions by gods and goddesses.There are several stories of depicting love between same sexes especially among kings and queens.Masala Chat is a 100% free online India chat room without registration.You just make up an anonymous nickname and hit “Connect” and start chatting.

On September 11, 2013, India's first Queer Radio channel, Qradio - Out and Proud, completely dedicated to LGBT audience was launched .Para Chat Rooms are very popular amongst Desi chatters and this is why we choose to use this chat software.To start chatting with Indians following these simple steps.Recently, Bollywood has portrayed homosexual relationships in a better light, such as in Dostana and Men Not Allowed.Actors of Indian descent have played homosexual roles in foreign movies.

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