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Truly Asian Review Truly Asian is an upcoming dating website that aims to connect singles from Asia to singles from all over the world.

A man with an arm growing out of his forehead is welcome, but a woman who wears a size 10 can’t even enter the door.

When one man was asked by White why he thought he should date a woman who takes “special care of her body,” he said “because I take special care of my brain.”This answer perfectly exemplifies the issue — men are told that they should be valued for their brains, and women are told that men value them for their bodies.

Their conversations ranged from topics of race and animal rights to porn and masturbation.

White’s piece is definitely worth a read, but be forewarned — there is plenty of sexism, eating disorder talk, and weight shaming.

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It suggests that the only value that women have is in their breasts and legs and hips.These kind of events highlight the distinct gender rules and contradictions that women are supposed to follow in order to be desirable by men. But not too thin, of course, "only dogs like bones!" She should be sexually available, but not a slut.On Speed Dating suggests in their description of the Skinny Minny dating event that men are often “tricked” online by women who are fatter than they appeared in the photos on their dating profiles.If that is true, and I’m sure there will be plenty of men lining up in the comments to tell me all about it, it’s likely due to the fact that men won’t even acknowledge a fat woman online, much less pursue conversation or a real-life date.

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