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(Thies) - tempnam() now uses mkstemp() if available (Stig) - serialize() and var_dump() now honor the precision as set in for doubles.(Thies) - Improved the Win32 COM module to support [out] parameters (Boris Wedl) - Fixed garbage returned at the end of certain Sybase-Columns (Thies) Patch submitted by: [email protected] Added Microsoft SQL Server module for Win32 (Frank) - Added support for forcing a variable number of internal function arguments by reference.

(Thies) - Configure speedup (Stig) - Fixed LOB/Persistent-Connection related OCI8-Crash (Thies) - Generalized server-API build procedure on UNIX (Stig) - Added '--disable-rpath' option (Sascha) - Added AOLserver SAPI module (Sascha) - Fixed XML Callbacks.(Thies) - Updated Oracle to use the new high-performance Zend function API.(Thies) - Improved the performance of the My SQL module significantly by using the new high-performance Zend function API.(Thies) - Reworked preg_* functions according to the new PCRE API, which also made them behave much more like Perl ones (Andrei) - Made it possible to specify external location of PCRE library (Andrei) - Updated bundled PCRE library to version 2.08 (Andrei) - count()/is_array/is_object... (Thies) - OCI8 supports appending and positioning when saving LOBs (Thies) - Added metaphone support (Thies) - OCI8 doesn't use define callbacks any longer.(Thies) - OCI8 Driver now supports LOBs like PHP 3.0.

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