Dating royal doulton toby mugs

I have no idea where the set was bought but would like to know more about it.

I have always known it as a Harlequen Tea Set but have searched and can find no record of this. Sawyer - USA - I have a small vase about 5-1/8 inches high. Thank you.sally moore - i have a midwinter porcelon burslem england hand painted tea caddy.

(Unfortunately the BBC cannot publish personal contact details on this messageboard.)Beverly - I have been gifted a chamber pot it is 10" in diameter cream color with green flowers the trade mark is blue lettering with a banner I beleive it is Norman then Burslem England there are some numbers above this but I can't make them all out I think it could be F Z SCN3.

Can you help me idenify this peice Thank you Betty Samuels, Chepstow - My mum had a small spoon which she used as a sugar spoon.

It's black with palm trees and a water bird with a long beak standing in water. Wondering if you know the date of manufacture or anything further regarding the teapot.

He used it everyday to make tea and now my kids and I do too. Jim Lee - We have a set of Enoch Wedgwood English Harvest china. The bottom has "Enoch Wedgewood (Tunstall) Ltd." on it with unicorn design.

Cannot find any info about the painter or the potter. Peter Tripp - I have a 7inch long by 3 1/2inch tall Piggy Bank with "hole eyes", half the bank is drip glazed on the top half brown with some blue. Perfect condition with a picture of the Queen Elizabeth II.It has two handles, and is blue with 2 white carnations, 4 leaves, and one flower bud. It has TEA in on front in green and is mainly in a cream colour with a little green decoration on top.The item is at least 50 years old and used to belong to my mother. Thank you Maureen Hunt - I have acquired a pot with lid that has transfer prints of George Best and his signiture. On the base reads The Staffs Co Ltd Crown Pottery, Burslem, England.There are six colours, Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, Pale Blue and Salmon.I was left the set some 28 years ago by my Grandma who lived in Cheshire.

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