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Pizza Hut, Inc.7100 Corporate Drive Plano, TX 75024 Visit the official Pizza Hut website in order to place on online order, find out additional information regarding products and services and promotions.The company also provides information regarding community giving projects and customer support initiatives.On the customer support page, customers can review the FAQs, request information regarding corporate giving, receive corporate information and locate nutritional information.

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This is why the company has a dedicated customer support which is available to answer questions and concerns.

The border—in two sections, along the 49th parallel south of British Columbia and the Alaska Panhandle west of northern British Columbia—has had a powerful effect on the region.

According to Canadian historian Ken Coates, the border has not merely influenced the Pacific Northwest—rather, "the region's history and character have been determined by the boundary".

Among those buried there are heroes from every American conflict from the Civil War onward.

Such is the case of with the Nine Mile Cemetery of Wallace, located just north of town on Dobson Pass Road.

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