Evergreen dating

She was lonely and anti-social as a child, due to her eyes being able to turn others into stone when looking into them, which led her to wear glasses to mitigate the effect of her Stone Eyes.

She then returns to Magnolia just in time for the Miss Fairy Tail Contest.

She is then able to deflect the needles, and manages to pin Evergreen's sleeves to a wall, preventing her from using any attacks.

She said once that they'd been together for "a long time." As such, they were initially the only people with whom she interacted.Evergreen, along with her teammates, appears where everyone is celebrating Lisanna's return.When Lisanna comments on on how strange it was to see the Thunder God Tribe back home in Fairy Tail, Evergreen responds, "Well, I am a fairy! Evergreen returns with a new makeover to which Lucy commented on.She kept her hairstyle and lack of makeup, but changed her dress into a short gray one that slightly ruffled at the top.She wore dark flats during the Grand Magic Games arc for the most part, and also began to wear fishnet tights.

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