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" Michael Castleman, a journalist who has written on the topic of exhibitionism, said in a phone interview.

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Yet for whatever reason, men seem to have something of a compulsion for showing their genitals off: have reported receiving a dick pic over the course of their dating lives, according to a study by

"A woman without clothes is viewed as vulnerable, i.e. and a man without clothes is viewed as potentially [a] rapist . "Whether it's an unwelcome penis portrait or IRL exposure, a person exposing their genitals without the consent of those nearby is a very different thing than simply wanting those genitals to be seen."Brame agreed.

"They're imposing their sexuality on you in a very blatant and in a non consensual way," she said.

"But I think both genders are pretty exhibitionistic in their own ways. "Women have more of what's been called erotic capital.

I just think that society gives women more of a free pass."That free pass may be what allows women to translate any exhibitionist tendencies they do have, into safe, legal and more importantly, nonthreatening outlets."When women flash, nobody reports them," Brame said in an email interview. As the generally larger of the two genders and the generally perceived as much more powerful and certainly more violent, a naked man feels more threatening to most people than a naked woman."Sarah suspects this is why no one has ever reported her, even though part of what fuels her is the nervous thrill that someone one day will. Women can sell our exhibitionist tendencies and so we do very often and men have a harder time selling that."But again, there's a distinction between women exhibitionists generally, and women with exhibitionistic disorder, who wouldn't necessarily derive sexual pleasure from, say, doing porn, because there's no factor of non-consent."There's a very real difference in feeling compelled to expose your penis and doing it in a way that's unsettling and disturbing," Block said.

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