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its a FFA-61-14022A # 76 i can only find out about a FFA-61-14021A theres no info on this modelcarrollton ohio 44615 Sun Aug 14 2016mathis_jt at sbcglobal.netspark plug application Maybe a Wards Riverside Moped Dear Sir, I have a Magnetti Marelli spark plug, CW240L. I think I bought it from Cosmopolitan Motors many years ago. Joseph Mathis Missouri Wed Oct 28 2015deanoca at What bike is this? Benelli-1969-Mojave-360Wed Jul 15 2015thelincolnman at Italian Riverside trail motor cycle Italian Riverside 175I am looking for a motor cycle like I had in 1969 which was stolen. USA Mon Feb 03 2014 nicolemcc1 at Manual Benelli - wards riverside FFA-61-14017 C Im trying to track down a manual for this particular bike, if you could help me this would be great. Its a 250cc, not a 260 or 350 as per a 'Wards Riverside Mohave'. Kind regards, Nicole Wards-Riverside-1968c-Benelli-250Motorcycle picture Monterey Ward Riverside 50 This is a picture of me with my Wards Riverside 50. Thank You Minnesota Tires for my scooter montgomery ward 1958 riverside motobecane Where can I get tires for my scooter? It was good for about 40 mph at top end on a level paved road no wind..spent a couple summers, from sun up to sun down riding trails/fields and the like. Wards Riverside 125cc LA Sun Nov 26 2006 Jefforyschiebel nolonger at Timing 1969 Mojave 360 Can anybody help me with the methodology to time this bike? I just acquired a beautiful 69 360 Mojave which runs but I want to check things out before I drive it much. Mon May 01 2006 allenb-49013 at yahoo dot com montgomery ward motorcycles Wards wheeled goods 125cc. I'll send a photo in a week or two when I'm a little further ahead. I learned to ride 35 years ago on a (Wards) Benelli 250 before switching to a 66 BSA lightning in '73 (Which I still own) and I've always considered them to be good performers.

I think it went on a Montgomery Wards Riverside moped from the 1950's or 60's. It was great and had 2 sprockets for Street and off-road. Thu Mar 05 2015 jeffnickelson at Motercycle value Montgomery Wards Riverside 125 FFA-14016D I have picked up a Riverside 125cc. Thanks for your help, would be good if you could post and see if someone can help out. I recognized the 125cc and 250 sizes on photos on this site but saw no mention of the one I had. Thanks so much for your time Minnesota Benelli Mojave 360 19 I have had my email address changed from jefforyschiebel at to Jefforyschiebelpublic at I have tried to get in and change my email address on the posting but I cannot. California Wards Riverside 175 Model 76 Thu Oct 05 2006 yupitsahemi at yahoo dot com the dusty basket case I was given Wards Wheeled Goods Model #66 Is there a way to trce the #s on this old motorless cycle? Best regards, Steve I too had a Lightning, from about 1972 to 1975. The Benelli is a rhs shift, so it's just possible that it uses the same spline as Ducati singles - quite large, about 1/8th in dia larger than most current Japanese models.

Both Scrambler and Touring styles were offered in 260cc and 360cc.

The Scramblers had vented high pipes, while the touring were low pipes without venting.

A Brief History of the Marque American firm Montomery Wards sold Motobecane mopeds including AV41, AV78 and AV88 during the 1950s. Mon Sep 13 2010 finnfive AT wards wheeled goods wards scooter ffa-61-14002B i aquired a wards wheeled goods motor scooter. please any info send to finnfive at mn ,usa bloomingdaletel dot com Need to identify mont. The model # FFA-14043-86 is all that was found in the short time I had.

In the 1960s they rebadged some 125, 175, 250, & 360cc Benelli models as Wards Riverside, along with scooters by Lambretta & Mitsubishi. Can anyone tell me what size and possible year it is? Alpena, MI Sources for pricing classic motorcycles are on the valuations page.

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The name plate also has SN 76 like other I have seen so that is obviously not the serial. MN Mon Nov 03 2008 lbono50 at yahoo dot com need parts river side ward 1967 125cc ffa-61-14016D I have this bike i wound like to get it to run. the 1958 riverside was a model fzp-14007 which was a motobecane model av781959 riverside was a model fzp-14011 which was a motobecane model av88. mid=225 Sat Jun 09 2007 white69tyger at aol dot com Need to know Could anyone tell me the make and model of this bike NV The bike is a Montgomery Wards Riverside made by Benelli, probably around 1965. do you have a diagram or a picture or any information on how to rewire it ?

I'm kind of a neophyte to motorcycles and have a couple of questions...clutch is very stiff..this typical for this type of motorcycle? I can't seem to find the correct gear easily...there are false neutrals ( someone said there would be in these older type bikes ). here in Chicago and feel like I've been on it all day......the clutch be adjusted to be easier and can the trans be worked on or changed to become sounds and looks so cool..has the racing body with the short bars, a beautiful green tank and body panels, and new Benelli decals.

Any input would be helpful, thanks very much -- Charles Shotwell - charlesshotwell at August 7, 2002 HELP!!!!

I recently received my grandfather's late 1960s, 125 cc, Riverside (Benelli). I love the bike, but know little about them or any other. -- Craig -- cmaher at dot com August 30, 2002 Hi Craig, I ran across your ad on a Benelli board.

There's a small but neat group about these bikes at: People there should be able to help you.

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