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On The Great Milenko, there was a more hopeful feel and the "hidden" message was God is good and will punish those who abuse His name and those who abuse/mistreat others.

Okay, true, there were joke tracks such as The Neden Game (commonly called The Dating Game) and a song about voodoo, but over-all it was a more uplifting album.

ICP's rep confirms they had to cancel the remaining dates of their "Marvelous Missing Link In-Store Insanity Tour" due to Shaggy's probation constraints following his 2012 DUI arrest.

The rep tells us S2D was late filling out necessary travel requests with his probation officer, and was told going on tour could trigger a violation.

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It’s also probably no surprise at this point that ICP have real empathy for their fellow outcasts; their breakthrough MTV staple “Halls Of Illusions” was a revenge fantasy on abusers, however convoluted its evil-amusement-park schtick may scan.” They’re expert showmen at this point, bolstering each other’s rickety rhymes or dousing each other with soda during the infamous “Neden Game” where they play rival dating show contestants.But even the diehards there knew music is besides the point with these guys.Aesthetically, this is probably the cheapest and ugliest album art ICP has chosen thus far. Yes, it's probably one of their more evil looking clown face Joker cards, but it just doesn't look right.Look at their Joker card prior to this one: Anyways, despite the aesthetically unappealing cartoony album cover, the tracks seem to have a more lost feel to them than say, The Great Milenko.

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