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Long under Austrian control, it became part of the German kingdom of Wrttemberg under the 1805 Peace of Pressburg agreement during the Napoleonic Wars.Following the First World War it overwhelmingly voted to become part of Switzerland, however Switzerland could not offer anything acceptable in exchange so it remains part of Germany.miles, 7.62 km2 with a population of 1358 entirely surrounded by Switzerland.It is separated from Germany by a narrow strip of land containing the Swiss village of Drflingen.It is an official and unusual coin issued by an unusual nation.

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The casino is the town's largest employer and generates sufficient revenue for the town to operate without the imposition of taxes or other revenue sources.This 2018 20 Franc coin of Bsingen am Hochrhein features the EU emblem and a multi-color image of the town's coat-of-arms one the obverse.The reverse includes the emblem of Switzerland in color and depicts a knight on horseback.During World War II fascist Italy did not have control over the town and the United States used it as a base for their spy operations in Italy.Because of its unusual situation the town is exempt from European Union Value Added Tax.

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