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(3) For a period of up to 90 calendar days after the contract start date, the contracting officer will periodically provide the contractor with an updated listing of adversely affected Federal personnel reflecting personnel who were recently released from their competitive levels or separated as a result of the contract award. The contractor has a right under this clause to determine adequacy of the qualifications of adversely affected Federal personnel for any employment openings.However, adversely affected Federal personnel who held jobs in the Government commercial activity that directly correspond to an employment opening shall be considered qualified for the job.

The balance of the provision or clause may be incorporated by reference.

(h) As prescribed in 807.304-77 and 873.110, the following clause will be included in A-76 cost comparison solicitations and solicitations issued under the authority of 38 U. (2) means position vacancies created by this contract that the contractor is unable to fill with personnel in the contractor’s employ at the time of the contract award.

The term includes positions within a 50-mile radius of the commercial activity that indirectly arise in the contractor’s organization as a result of the contractor's reassignment of employees due to the award of this contract.

The offeror may also provide relevant facts that show how its organizational and/or management system or other actions would avoid or mitigate any actual or potential organizational conflicts of interest.

(c) Based on this information and any other information solicited or obtained by the contracting officer, the contracting officer may determine that an organizational conflict of interest exists which would warrant disqualifying the contractor for award of the contract unless the organizational conflict of interest can be mitigated to the contracting officer's satisfaction by negotiating terms and conditions of the contract to that effect.

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