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There is no 'string' in the database to match the stop number OR the transaction was lost and so never made it to the backend for storage.

The system knows it MUST have been there because it has the tap off and fare charged details, so a 'virtual' transaction is inserted to keep the on-off in pairs.

Only when the next quarterly report is generated, they are not on the one either as they are before the start date of that report.

I haven't had any transactions simply fail to appear at all for some time now.

I'd say there is an entry for the stop, but no name.

It took eight weeks and multiple phone calls for mine to arrive, not much help if you have an appointment next week!Timeline is at least 4 weeks for a new location to be added, more if it covers multiple stops in an existing route.Can someone please refresh my memory – mother-in-law has a pensioner card, she put on it months ago, but has never used the card.Rang the number on the card to report faulty card and they logged it as lost/stolen.Waiting for new card to be posted out and decided to just check the account.

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