Onrowupdating not called

current Row Data is a read-only parameter used to access the current row data. In certain cases, a viewer reads the cell value easier if it is indicated by an editor even in the normal state.

For example, boolean values are more comprehensible when they are indicated by check boxes.

To do this, assign an integer value to the group Index option of those columns that should be used for grouping grid records. Unlike normal columns, band columns do not hold data.

In most cases, to set up this layout, you can declare the band column using a hierarchical structure.

Certain features are disabled in a column with calculated values by default.

The following list specifies these features and how you can enable them: By default, grouping is conducted using the exact values that the grouping column contains.

For example, the following code bands three columns under the A lookup column restricts the set of values that can be chosen when a user edits or filters the column. You can use a lookup column when you need to substitute displayed values with required values.

For example, consider that you have two arrays of objects: Using this function, you can process user input before it is saved to the data source.

Note that you can combine both declarations in a single array as shown in the following code.

View Demo Watch Video When grouping is enabled in the widget, the user can group data by values of any column.

To prohibit a particular column from being used for grouping, set the allow Grouping option of this column to false.

Column cells contain values from the data field by default, but you can populate them with custom values instead.

For this, declare the calculate Cell Value function that is called each time a new row is rendered.

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