tin has four separate levels of operation: Selection level, Group level, Thread level and Article level.

Use the Help ('h') command to view a list of the commands available at a particular level.

1 Usage, syntax, configuration file or network error.

You will have to yank in all the groups to find them in a later session. If you no longer wish to see this group then unsubscribe from it in the normal way.

This can be useful if you wish to yank in or subscribe to a hand-picked subset of the active newsgroups.

See the section "NEWSGROUP LISTS & WILDCARDS" for the types of pattern that tin understands.

New newsgroups are not subscribed to by default (However, see the $AUTOSUBSCRIBE / $AUTOUNSUBSCRIBE environment variables).

Subscribe to it in the normal way if you wish the group to continue to appear in your Selection Menu.

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