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By the time I launched, the wind speed was hitting 20-25 km/hr, so I picked a lull and pulled the glider up.

Used Gear List: Updated July 12, 2018 Harnesses for Sale: Supair Access Airbag harnesses (new) - 0 without reserve (great lightweight harness) Supair Radical 3 reversible airbag harnesses - 0 without reserve Supair Escape 2 reversible airbag harness L - 0 without reserve Skywalk Cult 3 harness with reserve - 0 Ozone Forza L Harness - 00 CDN without reserve Assorted used harnesses from 0 CDN.

I was right at home on the wing immediately and can only really say that it felt like an A2, but due to the strength of the wind, it was difficult to discern any significant difference, except for one dramatic change: I needed to use big ears to lose altitude and unlike the A2, which would start fighting the big ears after about five seconds, the A3 didnt mind the ears at all and still popped out after a couple of quick pumps.

I boated around with Matt who was flying a D2 and top landed after about fifteen minutes.

We have new paramotor students so we are probably towing or PPG flying, so don't count on a shuttle ride from us - better to call Bev (Shuttle Bunny).

Clearwater "El Nido" Fly In 2018 - July 27-29 is the dates for the El Nido Fly-In.

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