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Nb: these instructions are based on the ‘Gen1’ hardware and v4 firmware; the Gen2/v2 device runs a different version of Linux, which appears more locked down.

Experience with a Unix text editor such as vi or nano is assumed.

Can I change to location of the ‘Shared Media’ folders? Why does setting a Twonky access control password prevent the My Cloud from sleeping? Some Prerequisites You’ll need to know how to use the WD Dashboard browser interface to control the My Cloud: You’ll need to know how to use the Twonky UI browser interface to control Twonky: You’ll need to know how to use SSH to log in as root to the My Cloud: Note the big warning signs about warranty.

Q: Why does my media player not see certain types of media? How can I get Twonky to provide full size artwork to clients, rather than crude thumbnails? How can I change the media ‘views’ I see in my DLNA client? Can I add my own category to the Music/Photos/Videos categories?

If anyone can monitor these values before and after a My Cloud firmware upgrade and report any changes, I’d be obliged: ] Q. A: If Twonky doesn’t seem to be behaving correctly (not finding media correctly, or partially, or finding unwanted media), then it may be useful to clean up the database.

There are a number of escalating actions you can take.

The rescan behaviour can be controlled using the control in the Twonky UI. Like other such services, there is a service control file in the file to set the media search paths and types, and then starts the Twonky server. A: Since Twonky is a service running on My Cloud, it is not visible in the shared space, so you have to log in via SSH, and navigate around the My Cloud’s Linux file system.

So I thought that, rather than trying to answer these questions individually, I’d try to write an FAQ covering the things I’ve found, and the problems I or others have encountered, and the solutions. I’m not a My Cloud, Twonky or Linux expert (but I’m moderately competent). Can I stop Twonky searching in certain folders in my media storage folders? The Media Server on the My Cloud is called Twonky, and uses the DLNA and UPn P protocols to talk to client applications and renderers. It can be found on port 9000 of your My Cloud’s IP address. A: By default, when My Cloud starts Twonky (when you turn on Media Streaming), it tells it to look for all types of media (music, photos & videos) in all folders in the You can change the folders and media types to suit your requirements, by using the Browse button to select the folder, and the drop-down menu to select file types.I’ll edit this first post and make corrections and add any FAQ&A that are added. Enable media serving on the private share, using Twonky will serve media from the private share without clients needing to have any file server access to the share. I know the My Cloud User Manual says that’s where you should put your media, but if I do that, things go very wrong.Where I am unsure of something, I’ll enclose it in [brackets]. You’ll have to add this share to the list of folders and media types in Twonky’s Sharing list, e.g. By much trial and error, I found that not using these folders made all the problems disappear. Unix doesn’t like spaces in path or filenames…] We’ll see later how to tidy these folders up…[Note that this list will do a substring match on folder names ( will exclude any directory that includes one of the exclude strings), so you can exclude folders by mistake, if they include one of the exclude strings.] I use this list to stop Twonky looking at , that I don’t want scanned (e.g. A: Twonky has the ability to find other music libraries on the network, and to ‘aggregate’ these libraries into its library, thus presenting one composite library to the user.

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