Professional speed dating networking

Each challenge must be done with someone new to facilitate mixing and mingling.

The challenges are a variety of mental and physical challenges.

Given the name of the event, you might expect a “cocktail competition” to be the headline of an event about how many you can pour down your throat before sliding off your barstool, but actually this is about business, creativity and networking. Add a little adventure, a dash of surprise and some incredible buzz to your opening reception!

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Special drinks, surprise concoctions, flair from the “bartenders” and more turn this into an entertaining and unique way to meet a ton of people in a really short time. a true experience in Rich Uncle Pennybag’s Challenge.

What better way to add some excitement to your next meeting or event than to include an “enteractive” icebreaker!

These events are a combination of entertainment and active participation that drop easily into opening night receptions, theme parties, general sessions and other events.

Best of all, it can be adapted to virtually any theme including tropical, African, Western, Hollywood, etc.

In this Mixer Game each guest “becomes” a drink ingredient for the game.

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