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You probably are aware that the Tampa area has the highest rate of lightning strikes in the country and has, I believe, the second highest rate of lightning strikes in the world.So for the summer months a client basically has to keep their pet constantly sedated. I have had patients that died after plowing through a plate glass window due to the extreme fear generated by a storm and then plunge into traffic and get struck by a car.

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She eventually tolerated it, so I gave it a try in the car. I am just thrilled, I WILL recommend this product to my clients. It is a small price to pay for your dog's health (mental & physical) without having to give drugs to them. By the third time we needed to use it, I said, "Let's put your Thunder Shirt on", and he came right over and lifted his head so I could put it on him. We offer Thunder Shirts to our clients with dogs that have severe separation anxiety and other anxieties.Animals in fight or flight response can sometimes have the brain process incoming information differently from normal animals.The part of the brain that processes memory is bypassed to allow the parts of the brain that are involved in fight or flight take precedence.Whippets are known to have trouble regulating their body temperature because they have very little body fat.I was so glad to find that there were other options through your website.

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