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If a man in the tribe has not had a vision or a dream, which the elders see as supernatural, they are then prepared to go on their vision quest.The premise behind the quest is that a spirit, typically in the form of an animal, will come to the tribe member and bestow its powers on him and become that man's guardian.While their clothing depended greatly on the seasons and the adjustments they had to make due to harsh weather climates, their summer wear was simple with loincloths for the men and aprons for the women.

The Shoshone people traveled according to the seasons and followed the animals and food supply.

The Shoshone Indians are a Native American tribe of about 8,000 people.

They are direct descendants of an ancient and widespread people who called themselves Newe (nu-wee), which means The People.

The Shoshone were separated into three main groups including the Northern, Western and Eastern.

These three groups occupied parts of California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho.

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