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These thresholds remain unchanged as a result of the Acquisition Letter and SPE Memorandum.

However, the SPE memo does contain the details on the authorities and some other key points on responding to the disaster.

The SPE Memo invokes this FAR deviation as part of our response to Hurricane Harvey.

The SPE memo walks through details, and your staff should read before taking action.

can inform users of product updates, including new versions, service packs, and patches.

Users can receive notifications from the Security Agent or email messages when new versions are available.

These bulletins are intended to be a source of other information, providing operational guidance to GSA Smart Pay customers.The pass will have a relatively hefty price (EU below), but include five sets of content.When the game lands this'll just be 'helpful items', but a new quest will arrive in January with regular updates through 2018 that'll culminate in new story content in Autumn / Fall 2018.For more information, see Configuring Product Update Notifications. Upgrade the server and agents immediately when the new build or version becomes available.

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