Updating personal information request template

You will not be able to add your own stocks to the spreadsheet until you do this.This spreadsheet uses the Google scripting language to refresh the latest price and dividend information from Yahoo Finance.Remember not to edit the light green cells on the right side of the page.This will be populated once you enter data on the Transactions sheet.I’ve found that using the standard =importhtml and/or =importxml codes are limited in a few ways.There’s a finite number that can be used per spreadsheet and they are frustratingly slow.Transaction data is entered in the order that it happens on the Transactions sheet.

You can design it according to your requirements and preferences on the type of information you want recorded that is convenient for your reference.The orange-ish colored cells in rows 5 and 6 are my data.Delete that information and type in your stocks row by row.Depending on your browser, you may get a warning that looks like this: Click Go to Portfolio Tracker (unsafe) to continue.(The script does nothing else but allow Yahoo Finance data on your stocks to be updated.) Orange-ish cells – These are the cells that you will be editing.

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