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If I recall correctly - it was something to do with some kind of list. I tried to paste new column from another file where the column is working as I want... Can I use two criteria in the SUMIF worksheet function?Data Validation Hi all I want to set data validation on a cell so that it will accept the following (and only the following) text strings: (1) "BR" (literally) or (2) "NT" (literally) or (3) "n A" where n is any positive integral numerical value including zero and A may take any of the values "L", "P", "T", "V" or "Y" or (4) "An" where n is any positive integral numerical value including zero and A may take either of the values "K" or "D". Would appreciate knowing if anyone knows how to do this, and if so what is the syntax. No, but you can use multiple criteria with SUMPRODUCT.Concerned as we will have to create a large number of custom fields for an upcoming conversion and if we need to delete any then we are "hooped". Validating against a DTDHello All, I am trying to validate an xml file against a DTD. path=../../codebank/System_Xml/Xml Validating Reader/Validator/validator.src&file=validator.cs&font=3 but its not working in my case. in a formula the sheet name rather than the tab name. I have a problem that I have once found resolution, but now it came again and cannot remember what needs to be done.

:-) I say "throwing it all away" because Read is a Shared Sub. There is no variable on the left-hand side to receive that Xml Schema that it's read, so it just gets thrown away. Derek Harmon Msgbox entry validation The following Macro will not loop more than twice the error entries. Read( Validator Reader, Address Of veh) Xml Schema:: Read( ) returns an Xml Schema. Read( _ Validator Reader, _ Address Of Validation Event Handler _ ) ' Validation Schema is no longer empty.As it is running on my laptop figured I just download it. Sub test() Dim x As Range Worksheets("NCSA_ISS_ITEM_BOM"). Data Validation I have set up a data form and have data validation rules on the various input cells.When I run it, it wants to first do the Genuine Advantage bs which I let it, at which time it says "bogus". Validation Julie the same can be achieve without going thru the double drop down boxes. I see that there is an option called "Ignore blanks" in the data validation settings, which is supposed to restrict someone from entering past an input cell without entering valid data, if the "Ignore blanks" box is unchecked.

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