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The Whitecourt Impact Crater taken from GOZoo M at about 1000′ AGL with the same perspective as the Li DAR image above..

The crater was extremely difficult to identify from the air (do you see it? The crater is circled in this image at the end of this article., striking the surface at an angle between 40° and 55° to horizontal.

An option of the 2012 RASC General Assembly (GA) in Edmonton was a post-conference field trip to the Whitecourt Crater guided by Dr. The crater is just south of the town of Whitecourt, a two hour bus ride away from the GA site in Edmonton.

It was a “no brainer” that Gillian and I were going to be on that expedition.

(Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta)A summary diagram, which illustrates the meteorite distribution, local sample sites and auger holes, ejecta blanket, and the proposed flight path of the impactor.

Grid spacing is 50 m (Kofman et al – Meteoritics & Planetary Science 2010).

I had thought that the area would be “hunted out” by now, but I was pleasantly surprised that our group did find a few meteorites that afternoon, enough for each of us to take a souvenir home.

At the same time the exercise illustrated how hit/miss/difficult this task is.

I did this to facilitate finding the crater from the air.The red box around the crater designates the 200-metre by 200-metre protected zone within which meteorite collecting is prohibited – subject to a ,000 fine or one year in jail.Cross sections of the ejecta blanket along 038° and 110° with a reference figure showing the location of the sections.In this image, the overlying ejecta represents ejected Ae horizon material. Combined results of two magnetic surveys performed using the GEM Systems GSM 19-TW. Dense vegetation along the southern half of the grid made surveying slightly more difficult.A large magnet was found at the large positive anomaly on the NW crater rim (one of three found to date, likely left behind by meteorite hunters).

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