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When I'm not traveling out of state for trails, I'm spending my weekends on the local trails in Tennessee. However, I know I need to at least attempt to spend some time dating someone. Me: Adds a bunch of non-basic white girl photos of myself on my hiking adventures. Photo by: Katie Yarborough --Proceeds to start swiping-- Yes, you all love tacos, beer, and your dog. Looking for someone to hang with and if it goes further to a relationship then that's cool? You want to keep yourself free to browse or run if you need to. Some of us aren't looking for hookups or a fling though. " Me:"Oh I hike a lot, travel to hike, and workout in the gym preparing for hikes." Them: "Cool! Including having to use a poop shovel (probably not my most shining moment of chitchatting topics.) Their responses, "So you're like a hippie? I love and relish the days I get to relax on the couch and binge watch tv shows. I always reply with a smile and, "I'm happy on the trails.

I'm not getting any younger, as my colleagues and hometown folk say. Between Bumble, Tinder (don't judge), and that other one... I tried them out because one person or another has found their SO on there. We genuinely are using this platform as a way to find a relationship, sadly. I will cut you if you tell me what happened or who was killed on the last GOT episode! Why stay home just to find a man, when my heart is on the trails?

17 and were ordered not to have any contact with their son until they complete drug counseling.

Hill faces one count of aggravated assault and was booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

Photo by: Katie Yarborough I gave up on hiking trails with the SO.

I settled for just a good guy who would be cool with me traveling and hiking with other friends a lot.

Here came the trials of finding a way to have a happy medium.

I'll save those failure stories and laughs for another time. I found myself missing the characteristics that I find in hikers in the person I'm dating. Hikers are compassionate, and they understand life on the trails. They lend a helping hand when your backpack is too heavy to pick up. No problem, they share theirs and will probably share their food too. When you share a story about your hiking ventures, they're excited every step of the story, as if it's like they were there with you. They want to hear more, but when I come home to tell my stories to my SO it never sounds the same.

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