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In January, they ranked second in the short dance and first in the free dance at the 2017 U. Championships, losing overall to the Shibutanis by 1.01.Chock/Bates took the bronze medal at the 2017 Four Continents Championships in Gangneung, South Korea, where they finished behind Canada's Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir and the Shibutanis.Chock/Bates began their season with silver medals at four international events, the 2016 CS Nebelhorn Trophy, 2016 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial, 2016 Skate Canada International, and 2016 Rostelecom Cup.In December, they placed 6th in the short dance, 4th in the free, and 6th overall at the Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France.Kiira Korpi and Arthur Borges Nikita Katsalapov and Victoria Sinitsina Gabrielle Daleman and her boyfriend Bruno Massot and his girlfriend Dylan Moscovitch and his girlfriend Madison Hubbell and Adria Diaz Olivia Smart and Zachary Donohue I don’t know what’s going on between Madison and Evan, but I have some suspicions) Kirsten Moore-Towers ans Liam Firus Eric Radford and Luis Fenero Miki Ando and Javier Fernandez Nam Nguyen and Polina Edmunds. I like the tandem, they fulfill the void of their last partners Elena is rumored to be having issues with work ethic and Ruslan though is passionate has a disavantge with his school boy built.Making their Junior Grand Prix debut, Chock/Zuerlein won gold in September 2007 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Madison La'akea Te-Lan Hall Chock (born July 2, 1992) is an American ice dancer. The two represented the United States at the 20 Winter Olympics. Ice dancing was suggested to her at the age of 12 and she found that she enjoyed it, although she initially had no interest in dance.

time will tell how long the partnership will last, but good luck, they have the upper hand against I/Z a Beautiful Couple, I dare say Sinitsina is more attractive than Ilinykh hopefully they go away from Morozov soon Picture of Beautiful Blonde Sinitsina dethroning Iniykh as the most beaitiful current Russian Ice Dancer: admire your enthusiasm and energy, but this is not correct.

First of all, Elena was not rumored to be having issues with work ethic. There is a big difference, and still as you said, it's just a rumor.

At the event, they received comments that "Dark Eyes" was not suitable for a polka rhythm.

and won the gold at the 2015 Skate America followed by a silver at 2015 Cup of China.

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