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In fact, the song "All My Love" is a soulful tribute to his lost son.As the 1970s rolled into the 1980s, Plant started to think about things outside Zeppelin.One song he would come to sing quite frequently is Robert Johnson's "Travelling Riverside Blues" or known as "The Lemon Song".With it's risqué lyrics, he seemed to make it work.

The book talks about his father taking him to see the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the local football team  He has been in quite a few bands prior to joining Zeppelin.

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This is the title of a book about Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant.

Not shockingly, Rob was good friends with John "Bonzo" Bonham.

His wife Pat often described Rob as daft and said that she didn't want John hanging with him because it would end in financial ruin.

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