Who is ryan higa dating 2016

He is also looked to be one of the most talented, smart, relatable, handsome, positive, creative, funny and genuine, humble You Tubers of all time and is very well liked by the majority of people who have viewed his videos which tend to be kid friendly.

Ryan is also known for making racist jokes, a vast majority being about his race.

On Christmas Eve of 2008, Higa and Fujiyoshi's two most popular videos, How To Be Gangster and How To Be Emo, were removed due to copyright violations.

Occasional guest appearances were made by Tim Enos, Ryan Villaruel, Kyle Chun, and Tarynn Nago.In addition, he is recognized as one of the best "pun" comedians on You Tube standing with figures like Liza Koshy.Albert Einstein once stated - the only source of knowledge is 'experience.' Well, it's true indeed, whether it's your personal experience or the observation of people experiencing the said thing, you get to accumulate knowledge from the happenings.Before then and since, his video quality has increased. Ryan or nigahiga, is regarded as one of the most consistent You Tubers of all time standing to figures such as Smosh and others.This is due to him managing to stay relevant within the You Tube community since 2007.

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