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While he was addressing the civilians, a shot was fired by one of the troops and this was followed by a volley.Regardless of claims of collusion between the Ulster Volunteers and the authorities over the Larne gun-running, in contrast to the Irish Volunteers who were intercepted by the police and army, the manner of both gun-runnings say more about the strategies used by either side.In an event later termed the Bachelor's Walk massacre, the soldiers shot into the civilian crowd and bayoneted one man, resulting in the deaths of four civilians and wounding of at least 38.According to Darrell Figgis, the plan was first conceived in April 1914, in response to the Curragh incident on 20 March.George Fitz-Hardinge Berkeley subscribed the largest amount.He was unsuccessful and the group was dismayed to learn of the Larne gun-running of the Ulster Volunteers (UVF).

Conor O'Brien, the Childers, Spring Rice, and two Gola Island, County Donegal sailors, Patrick Mc Ginley and Charles Dugan, sailed the Asgard and O'Brien's yacht Kelpie to the Ruytingen buoy near the Belgian coast.Senior Irish Volunteer Patrick Pearse had commented that: "the only thing more ridiculous than an Ulsterman with a rifle is a Nationalist without one".Casement asked Alice Green for a loan to be repaid when the volunteers bought their rifles.In total, police seized 19 rifles, In July 1914, when the guns were brought in at Howth, my brothers were in Dungarvan but I was at home in Marino Crescent, Clontarf.When the volunteers were coming back, I knew some of them who were returning by the laneway at the back of our house, and I told them they could throw their guns into the garden and I would mind them for them. By this stage a crowd had gathered, and on seeing the soldiers frustrated they began to heckle and jeer.

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