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This is not expected to be dropped after the wedding, because, when two individuals get married, each partner has a right to expect the same loving care and attention that prevailed during courtship to continue after the wedding.

He says, the man who takes time to talk to his woman will have an inside track to her heart. The total trust of a husband is one of a wife's need.

He goes on to state that, if any of a spouse's five basic needs go unmet, that person becomes vulnerable to the temptation of an affair.

So therefore, the best way to prevent adultery is to meet the needs of your spouse and doing so, would make your marriage stronger.

Willard Harley has outlined the common needs of men and women and has given great insights on how to meet these needs, so you can avoid the daily frustration of unmet needs, and enjoy a happy marriage life.

As you already know, the needs of men are quite different from that of women and that is a fascinating realization, which of course makes life really interesting.

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During their dating life before marriage, most couples spent a lot of time showing each other affection and talking.

When a woman can tell her man she thinks he's wonderful, that inspires him to achieve more.

He can now see himself capable of handling new responsibilities and perfecting skills that are far above his present level.

As their issues increase, so does the intensity of their criticism.

Before long, these husbands find themselves spending more time at work or at play without their wives, just to have a little peace and quiet. Regardless of how patient a husband tries to be, the steady flow of criticism eventually becomes intolerable.

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