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1) If the Earth was recently created, then at the start, before any cosmic rays had yet hit the atmosphere, there would be no C-14 in it.

Any plants or animals that died and were buried at this time would have no C-14, hence would appear to be very old - say 100,000 years old, or the limit of our machines ability to measure.

I doubt that anyone, Creationist, Evolutionist or other, would disagree with what I just said.

The question is, how valid are the many assumptions that I listed?

The above story is consistent with the Bible, and accounts for fluctuation in C-14 concentrations in the atmosphere that would then be interpreted as older and younger ages than the true ages.

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For instance, the final rule clarifies the meaning of which clinical trials are included in this Act.(See https://answersingenesis.org/geology/radiometric-dating/acceleration-of-radioactivity-shown-in-laboratory/ ) It is theorized that the flood was caused by God speeding the decay rate, causing excess heat inside the earth, triggering volcanism and earthquakes and shifting tectonic plates, which poured steam into the atmosphere, forming the clouds that inundated the world.The resulting warm ocean and volcanoes caused so much water and dust to enter the atmosphere, that they blocked the sun and triggered an ice age.These options vary from clinical research development seminar modules (Track 1) to a formal structured certificate program (Track 2) and a Master of Science in Clinical Research (Track 3).The Clinical Research Development Seminars are open to interested fellows and faculty, and can be taken as individual modules/workshops.

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    This process causes a proton to be displaced by a neutron, effectively turning atoms of Nitrogen it into an isotope of carbon – known as”radiocarbon”.

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