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19107 WASHINGTON Seattle Gay Co 102 Cherry Seattle, Wash. 98102 Gay Liberation Front, Utica % Ronald Denning 613 Nichols Street Utica, N.

19101 Gay Liberation Front, Houston Box 53221 Houston, Texas 77052 Gay Liberation Front, Syracuse % Gregory Charles 122 Erie Street Syracuse, N. 13205 Radicalesbians, Cornell 24 Willard Straight Hall Cornell University Ithaca, N. 14850 Task Force on Religion and the Homosexual % Metropolitan Christian Council 211 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa.

2001, Australia GAY CHURCHES Metropolitan Community Church National Headquarters 2201 South Union Ave. 90007 IN UNITY Magazine Metropolitan Community Church 2201 South Union Ave. 19103 RHODE ISLAND Gay Liberation Movement % Chaplains or Student Act. Box 20335 Cleveland, Ohio 44120 Gay Liberation Front, Columbus % Bruce Seiple 50 West l Otn St. 1 Columbus, Ohio 43201 Society for Individual Rights P. Box 9761 Columbus, Ohio 43206 Cleveland Mattachine Society 10404 Clifton Blvd. Professor Oberline, Ohio 44074 Cleveland GAA Box 91343 Cleveland, Ohio 44101 Personal Rights Organization Old West End Station, Box 4642 Toledo, Ohio 43620 Personal Rights Organization Box 2522 Youngstown, Ohio 45507 Gay Liberation Front- Antioch % Jonathan Klein Antioch College Union Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387 Philadelphia Action Committee for Equality % Jay’s Place 1511 Pine Street Philadelphia, Pa. Houston, Texas 77006 University of Houston Gay Liberation University Center Houston, Texas Gay Liberation Front, Buffalo 180 North Pearl Street Buffalo, N. «l m unity Center 98104 Mattachine Society, Pittsburgh Shadyside Station, Box 10144 Pittsburgh, Pa.

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